As I walk through Ward 13, I am always energized by the people who see the opportunity we have as a city.

Challenges at times, but more, the building of a community looking to the future of what the core can become. For many of you, the past four years have seen us work closely together towards a stronger tomorrow. An opportunity to build on respect, equality, and prosperity. An opportunity to ensure our identity remains uniquely London, while moving our home forward as the urban leader in southwestern Ontario. An opportunity to lead by example, in a positive, proactive manner. As many of you are aware, I have always said this is not a job for one person. Real change is driven by a community, and a desire to do better. Many of you over the past four years have simply said to me “I’m in”. You too realize that to move the core forward, we must work together. Today, I offer you the opportunity to join that change. We have built a strong, dynamic and diversified team ready to engage the community. A team that speaks to one clear message – “voting for someone is better than voting against someone”. Reach out and become part of a team that recognizes many are stronger than one. I would love to speak with you personally about joining our team.

Reach out to me on social media or text me at 519-619-6893. Become part of the change, and together, let’s bring a true civic pride back to our city.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

John Fyfe-Millar


Candidate for London City Councillor Ward 13, Community Champion, Entrepreneur, Listener, Family Man, Believer, Londoner to the Core – Let's talk about tomorrow