Urban Health

Ward 13 is the heart of the city. It is that heart that ensures a healthy city stays within our grasp.

Urban health is a measure of a community’s well-being. Thriving, healthy cities support their communities by fostering growth, infrastructure and services that lead to feet on the streets and job creation. The notion of community well-being derives from knowing that we are all working together towards a more inclusive and diverse city, very much in control of our own destiny.

John believes London must assume its place as the largest urban centre in Southwestern Ontario. We are a pivotal hub for social services and support to the surrounding communities and a crucial economic centre to the entire region. London needs to be at the head of the table as we collaborate with surrounding communities to craft solutions to meet the many needs in today’s society.

But so too are we a regional transit hub (air, rail and road), a manufacturing hub, an industrial and technological hub and a world class medical, educational and financial centre.

We are a city of 425,000 proud people. It’s time to start acting like it!

In order for London to flourish, our city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods need to be nursed back to health. We can do this by:

  • Establishing a neighbourhood council, specific to Ward 13
  • Supporting arts and culture as a key component to residential development
  • Building on community nodes as contributors to neighbourhood health
  • Offering incentives to convert commercial space to residential living
  • Creating a transformational transit hub to welcome people to the core