Safety is everyone’s concern, everyone’s responsibility. We all should take reasonable steps to work together to build safe and clean community.

Let’s face it, London has converging societal failures – poverty, lack of housing, mental health, and addiction. The combined prominence spill onto our streets and into our public spaces. Not necessarily related, incidents of vandalism and petty crime dominate social media feeds and a general feeling of helplessness pervades.

These issues are distilled into and are most visible in Ward 13.

All should be entitled to feel safe as we walk through our city centre and our neighbourhoods. Everyone should expect clean, safe, and accessible public spaces.

We must continue to work on a robust housing program. We must continue to give a hand-up to all those who want it. But we must also hold to account those who willfully break the law. Local law enforcement must be tailored to our needs and should be community focused and supported by city council.

To move forward, we must ensure we continue to have open lines of communication. Beyond that, we must work with all levels of government to increase successful outcomes by:

  • Supporting city-wide housing investment to include full wrap-around services to protect our most vulnerable
  • Expanding the work done on Safe Supply to better serve those in need
  • Holding criminals to account for their actions
  • Building on community well-being as a foundation for healthier neighbourhoods
  • Creating community safe spaces through CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) reviews
  • Building a safe city for women and children