Civic pride is infectious. It is inherent on us to both instil and foster growth in the community.

John is unapologetically proud to be a Londoner. We are a community, founded in 1826, built on the Forks of the Thames and over the following 200 years London grew into the most important regional hub in Southwestern Ontario. Most of our architectural heritage is centred in the downtown and surrounding neighbourhoods and represents much of our current identity. But civic pride, enviable public spaces, the way care for our most vulnerable, architectural synergies, transportation solutions that we can boast about, all contribute to our identity.

What drives this is the creation of the 15-minute neighbourhood. Everything required is simply a few blocks away. We spend so much time trying to recreate what we already have in the centre of our city. We must continue to make the necessary changes so that people can freely move about their day, unhindered by their chosen mode of transportation.

Ward 13 is home to London’s most welcoming neighbourhoods. We must continue to be a diverse, inclusive space that welcomes everyone. Here is where we can start:

  • Build on our UNESCO City of Music designation
  • Embrace and enhance London’s unique natural resources
  • Establish Ward 13 as an ideal place for the relocation of head offices
  • Identify ourselves as leaders in healthcare, education, manufacturing and food production
  • Prepare neighbourhoods to welcome new Londoners who choose to call the core their home