Getting Around

Ward 13 is the quintessential walkable community. We must continue to develop our neighbourhoods, ensuring services are only steps away.

As we move forward in building this great city of ours, it is essential that planners and leaders ensure that transportation is inclusionary. We need roads, of course, but walkable neighbourhoods and safe cycleways are essential to allow current and future Londoners an array of transportation options.

London is working towards a transit vision for 2030, but in the meantime, we must focus on short- and medium-term improvements to infrastructure and service. All-season bus shelters with digital readouts and multi-day passes can all be built and implemented. A system preferred is desired over system that is forced.

Walking and cycling infrastructure have come a long way over the past decade and we need to continue that good work. As we continue to reimagine and expand these networks, we also need to stay focussed on upkeep and maintenance.

Ward 13 and some of the adjacent wards, have a greater proportion of residents who choose active transportation as a day-to-day option. That said, we are the downtown not only to Londoners but our surrounding community. All must feel welcome. With that in mind, as we move forward, we must:

  • Address issues around speeding and safety on our streets
  • Build safe, reliable transportation networks for all modes of mobility
  • Support secure parking structures in our core to service all
  • Expand transit service to better serve London and Southwestern Ontario
  • Develop a long-term plan for both cycling and pedestrian infrastructure on the TVP
  • The creation of a Downtown transit loop to serve the community better