John pictured with his family; wife Nancy, daughter Sam and son Zak

I describe myself as “A Londoner to the Core” because our community is in my DNA.

Born and raised in London, I am so proud to call Ward 13 my home. London is where I grew up, went to school, met the love of my life, and started a small business. It has always been a place of opportunity, not only for my family, but for all who choose to call London home.

London is a city steeped in history, full of promise and poised for growth and renewal. Still, we cannot ignore the reality and challenges of systemic poverty, drug addiction, mental health, and homelessness throughout our city. I recognize that our Ward 13 neighbourhoods and the downtown core bear much of the brunt of these social pressures.

Solutions to many of London’s challenges will come from communities and neighbours working together. It will not be done by building walls or existing in isolation. It will come from the resurgence of small business post pandemic to create jobs and opportunity. It will come from a housing strategy that benefits all our residents. It will come from a new, revitalized civic pride that we must not only embrace, but nurture each and every day.

My vision is for a city that respects differences while working towards a common future to benefit everyone. Our community should be a place where partnerships are embraced, and everyone is respected. Londoners know what’s best for their community, and decision-making should more closely reflect the on-the-ground needs and realities of our neighbourhoods.

For over forty years, I have actively participated in, listened to, and delivered for our community. From coaching youth soccer and hockey, to working with organizations such as the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection, Libro Credit Union, London Community Players and the Blackfriars Neighbourhood Association, I have always embraced opportunities to make a difference. Having worked with the Downtown BIA and acted as Chair for the Business Achievement Awards, I am in touch with how to attract, grow and sustain jobs in our community — building our city up.

We can do better and must always strive to do so. Together, that path is not only easier, but much more memorable. Let’s build a future that will make our children proud. I love this city and am extremely proud to be representing the people of Ward 13. Let’s talk.